TAG-Consult with its connections, background and reputation in the financial community, provides financial quality consulting & evaluation services to their client for MSI 20000 certification. TAG-Consult is the exclusive professional partner for MSI Observatory for MSI20000 Certificate in the Middle East including 14 countries as follows: GCC, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Sudan.

MSI 20000 is the standard dedicated to the financial quality of companies.
Developed by leading global financial experts, tested and adapted over several years, the MSI 20000 certification process analyses all data relating to the situation and financial management of a specific business, according to very rigorous standards and principals, including various criteria of evaluation.  The MSI 20000 standard includes elements studied according to two areas of analysis: financial solidity and performance, two components at the heart of any company’s profitability, solvency and sustainability.

A standard created by financial experts and made available to business leaders.
MSI Observatory, the body which establishes the certification, lists 44 business sectors and therefore the same number of specific technical specifications for evaluation and valuation of financial quality.

In a globalized and constantly changing economy, the various players in the economic and financial sphere need benchmarks on the financial quality of economic entities, particularly after the various crises which regularly rocked the world of business  in the recent years. The idea is to make available to the market, at an international level, a reliable, concrete and accessible indicator. This reflection led to the emergence of a new standard, that of the financial quality certification: the MSI 20000 standard.

The MSI 20000 standard officially emerged after the subprime crisis of 2008, from a need on the financial markets to identify the healthiest listed companies. Over time and given demand, the product has been rolled out for all companies, listed or not, and every sector of activity.