We expect that all consultants working at TAG-Consult behave in accordance with the “Code of Ethics” which is considered the prime professional guide to cooperation with our clients and other stakeholders internally and externally.

Value statement

In our journey of knowledge sharing, capacity building and outstanding innovation schemes, we believe that it is our obligation to adapt  and abide by the most ethical professional principles. With integrity and diligence, our aim is to create a role model of professionalism and we are proud that our principles are never compromised.

1- Dealing with Clients

1-1 Professionalism
We work with our clients and other external stakeholders with utmost professional manner in terms of all aspects related to the assignments and projects, and exert all required effort to build required trust on solid grounds. We will adhere to the action plans and all schedules to accomplish our responsibilities.

1-2 Confidentiality
We will keep all clients’ information confidential and will insure that such information is not used for any purpose other than the projects we are working on. In addition, we will not allow other parties to gain access to this information without a written consent from the concerned client.

1-3 Serving Clients
We will serve our clients with integrity, competency, and objectivity. We avoid any conflict of interest that affects the relationship between two parties in any practice, now and in the future.

1-4 Utilizing Resources
We will utilize all available resources and manpower in order to accomplish the consulting assignments and fulfill all clients’ needs and requirements. In this context we will not recruit employees of any client or assist them in gaining any employment opportunity without prior consulting with the concerned client.

2- Competition

2-1 Fair Competition:

Our competitive edge is derived from our lawful and ethical business practices. We seek to enhance our competitive position through outstanding performance. Illegal and unethical business practices are strictly prohibited.

2-2 Compliance with Antitrust Laws:

We comply at all times with antitrust and unfair competition laws of the countries in which we operate. We assure that all professionals engaged in services which may be subject to antitrust laws fully understand the laws related to their business activities and those of our clients.

3- Principles of Conduct

3-1 Qualifications
We will not engage in any consulting assignment unless we are fully qualified to fulfill the required deliverables. Furthermore, we will assure that we understand other related conditions prior to the implementation process. 

3-2 Commencing Execution
Prior to starting the actual execution, we always make sure that all main components mentioned in the submitted technical and financial proposal are approved by our clients and meet their expectations. In addition, we do not start working with any client on any assignment prior to identifying a determined and precise scope of work, methodology, time frame, fees, and other specified conditions according to the nature of the project.

3-3 Results and Expectations
Based on our honesty and objectivity - a major component of our code of business ethics - we avoid unrealistic results and conclusions which might affect the project upon actual implementation.

3-4 Professional Cooperation
According to our integrity and objectivity, we are eager to cooperate with other consulting parties or individuals in a professional manner without any conflict of interest. We insure prior to any engagements that our business partners adhere to lawful and ethical business practices.

4- Conducting Consulting Assignments

 4-1 Quality
We conduct consulting assignments and deliver required reports with professionalism and high quality according to our experience and expertise.

4-2 Documentation
We keep and maintain all submitted documents and reports in a safe and secure order to refer to them when needed. Destruction or alteration of documents and reports for any illegal or improper reason is strictly prohibited.

4-3 Scope of Work
We commit ourselves to the determined scope of work according to the technical proposal, and make sure that the execution will be according to our adopted methodology.

 4-4 Implementation
Our role is to assist and guide the clients in the implementation process, helping them to reach desired goals and objectives. In this regard we commit ourselves to work closely with the client on all phases of the assignments in order to conduct the project successfully.

4-5 Professional Fees
We determine our professional fees by referring to the nature of the assignment, scope of work, available resources, expected man-days, and other related requirements. In all cases we charge reasonable fees needed to cover all expenses and accomplish all requirements in a professional manner.


 4-6 Commission
We will not accept any commission, fees, and other referral fees as part of our recommendations.

5- Internal Environment

5-1 Relationship
We deal with each other and our colleagues at TAG.Global offices worldwide in a professional manner. Open communication channels and trust help us reach our common objectives and implement knowledge management guidelines . We respect each other and strive for continuous improvement.

5-2 Honesty
We deal with each other honestly and confidently, which enables us to deliver outstanding performance and serve our clients efficiently.


5-3 Team Work
Spirit of team work amongst all consultants within the same division or between other divisions is considered amongst our prime strengths, which helps us conduct our management consulting projects in a professional manner.

5-4 Specialization and Experience
We embrace and seek multicultural experience and diversity in different specializations which has its distinguished impact on our professional practice. We consult each other on every topic and focus on capacity building and the enhancement of our professional culture.


5-5 Training
Continuous learning and training is one of our main goals and objectives to maintain and develop our capabilities.

5-6 Professional Development
We all encourage and pursue our professional development, moreover, we emphasize our understanding of TAG.Global organizational structure, wide range of services provided by TAG.Global companies and societies, and service development.

5-7 Regulations
We all abide by the internal regulations and adhere to them in our behavior.

5-8 Intellectual Capital
We respect our intellectual capital and apply the same for the benefit of all our stakeholders we work with.